New forces for organization and development of metalworking fabrications
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About us
FABTEC group of companies traces its history since 2006 year exactly that year the MOSSKLAD company was founded. At the present moment MOSSKLAD is a part of FABTEC group of companies that also involves such companies as Stanki Optom, Leasing Moscow and separate branches of development "MOSSKLAD. Hobby", "MOSSKLAD. Krovlya" and Ferrox.

FABTEC is multibusiness companies group engaged in manufacturing, delivering and selling the machines and equipment, in addition, providing high level of service.
Our mission
Our target is to help our customers, suppliers and business partners to develop metal-processing industry and machine-tool engineering sector.

We keep uninterrupted supplies of machines, maintain high level of service, minimize time of launching new machines models to the market as well as offer the best solutions for optimizing production processes at enterprises.
15years in the market
105a number of company’s staff
The group of companies includes
Sales of machines and equipment intended for wood- and metalworking in Russia and the CIS
Services in the field of import operations associated with the purchase, delivery and customs clearance of machinery and spare parts.
Stanki Optom
A shop that offers machines designed for the manufacture of roofing.
A production site that designs, develops and manufactures new equipment, machines and tooling.
A shop that offers machines designed for the wood- and metal processing to private clients.
A company specializes in the leasing of metalworking machines to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.
Leasing Moscow
Management Board
Агафонов Евгений Алексеевич
Evgeniy A. Agafonov Chairman of the Board
Боганов Александр Михайлович
Alexander M. Boganov Director General of MOSSklad
Колот Евгения Тимофеевна
Evgenia T. Kolot Director General of Stanki Optom
Хаванов Михаил Александрович
Mikhail A. Khavanov Director General of Leasing Moscow
Anna A. Agafonova Founder and Head of Sales
  • Establishing MOSSklad
  • founding Stanki Optom
  • creating production site Ferrox
  • implementation of Struzhka project
  • attracting 2 millions Euro
    foundation of Leasing Moscow
  • establishing FABTEC group of companies
Vodny stadion 35 B, Kronshtadtskiy boulevard, Moscow, Russia